About us

For the past 30 years Tri-Sys Designs has worked in the Photography, Videography and Television industries. Services have ranged from designing A/V systems to Satellite RF design to still photography to videography to Web Site design and maintenance to video analysis.

Experience has shown that most companies require additional trained assistance at some point in time. These requirements can come up at short notice and are usually temporary. Keeping full time personnel employed, with all employee benefits, can break a budget.

Tri-Sys Designs provides a valuable resource in these situations. When additional help is required, either in the planning stage or during the final build, a phone call to us is all you need.

Tri-Sys Designs has worked with and for most all of the major television networks. Additionally we have been contracted by most of the largest satellite vehicle manufacturers in the world and leading NLE systems designers.

Tri-Sys Designs has designed and built satellite and baseband production systems for North American and European clients. We are familiar with world-wide standards for both analog and digital video.

Our staff, having worked as both operators and designers, is very appreciative of both ergonomics and ease of use. Keeping these system ideas in mind will avoid problems which even the most experienced operators can encounter.