The first step is to learn a clients requirements. This could be designing anything from a complete mobile satellite system to upgrading an edit suite to high definition production. After learning a clients needs and workflow a preliminary set of drawings is created.
These drawings are normally based on discussions with the client regarding projected uses for the unit, budget considerations, compatibility with existing systems and used equipment owned by the client.

In the design process, after meeting with the client, the preliminary designs, rendered in CAD, are sent to the client for approval. In this way the clients wishes are always respected and utilized in the finished product.
The ideas behind these designs apply to all of the projects to which Tri-Sys Designs is assigned. No matter how large or small the enterprise, the ideas of ease of operation and flexibility will give you a completed project of which we can both be proud.
At Tri-Sys Designs we try to keep designs simple enough to avoid mistakes and complex enough to get the job done. This means that in the normal everyday use of the system there are fewer things to set-up and fewer things to screw-up. This applies to everyone from the newest employee to the most experienced operator. In addition the design should be flexible enough to allow any unusual demands to be met.