Website Services


We've seen the difficulties that can arise as companies try to utilize the web for advertising and information dispersal. There are hosting services that will sell you a domain name, set up a couple of preformatted pages and host the site on their server. This is one of the most inexpensive methods to get an on-line presence. Updating and adding pages and information can be difficult or at least time consuming.
On the other hand, large web site creation agencies will have a staff to design your site, write Flash and JAVA script programs to get more attention, host the site on their servers and assign a staff member to update the site as needed. The price for this type of service agency can run from expensive to the space program budget.

We offer a middle ground. Your site will be designed around your vision with our input. We'll work with you to make an attractive, cost effective site with a minimum of difficulty.

Our maintenance program will allow you to update or add a page with only a simple e-mail. Site layouts and proposed changes will be previewed on a private sub-domain. Once everything is to your liking, the updates will be posted on the public site.